Mr. Megazord's storyline


chapter one

the start of a storm

it was day like any other the sky was blue and there were clouds when news came that a baby dragon born with a grown up set of armor and a sword with a green gem in the middle of the hilt,

the baby was adopted by an elderly couple who couldn't have kids of their own so they went to an orphanage to adopt a kid when they heard of a dragon born baby with a set of armor and sword, they adopted the baby dragon born boy, or what they thought was a boy they couldn't tell off of the body of the baby.

the baby was named john Megazord or as everyone calls him Mr. Megazord, he took fencing and kendo lessons, though he always had a helmet on his head cause his parents didn't want him to know what he truly was until the granddad died in a car accident so his grandma had no choice but to tell him the truth of his life so he found the armor and the sword and became a super hero who goes by Mr. Megazord although his mom tells him not to do something dangerous

then one day he fought something no one could described that opened a portal in time and flung him into the past while their evil is law, now the fool seeks to return to the present and redo the future that is megazord

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